How to make your designs look good

Our last 2 post’s have been pretty business orientated so We’d like to do a post on design. Well…a design principle, the gold ratio or Fibonacci sequence.

The gold ratio and Fibonacci sequence are different names for the same thing. They are ancient code, but don’t need to be a mystic or professor of mathematics to understand it. You can see it all around you. We’ll show you how.

The Fibonacci sequence is a numerical progression discovered in ancient times, its recorded in ancient sandskrit texts, and modern recordings begin at 200BC, attributed to Pingala. Basically it goes like this.


0+1 =1, 1+1 =2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 5+3=8 and so on, and so on. Do you get it? If you didn’t you can see it in your own body.

Take a look at your arm, look at your big finger, and look at your hand. Most people’s hand span exactly the length of twice your index finger, but wait it gets better. If you look at your forearm, is your forearm twice the length of your palm? and your arm is it twice the length of your forearm. Great, know you know one the secrets of the great pyramid.

The golden ratio is found by dividing one fibonacci number by the next and the number is shown to be 1.61950 and thats all the maths we need to know to make people buy our designs. The idea is that sequence is a naturally occuring progression and has been used for centuries to make man made designs appear natural in the eyes of humans; to make them more desirable. It’s so common in nature that creationists site it as evidence that an intelligent being created theuniverse and it’s their fingerprint.

Fibonacci/ Golden Ratio in Nature
So how do we apply it to our designs?

You could set up your web page with the menu half the width of the main page. You could incorporate interlocked spirals into your design, you could make the outside twice the size of the centre, you could even naturally progress the dimensions of the design such as Aston Martin did with the DB9.

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