Lexi Quayle CEng MIET

Hi my Im Alexis but you can call me Lexi. I founded 3D Projects to help people bring their ideas into reality and find their Ikigai, the Japenese concept of “reason for being/thing that you live for/passion”. My Ikigai is bringing ideas to fruition. I get a real buzz from seeing something I’ve worked on out there in the world. If you'd like to contact me please email alex@3dprojects.online

How to solve any problem….the NASA playbook

Apollo 13 was arguably NASA’s most successful mission, for those that don’t know in 1970 a “routine” mission to the moon went horribly wrong when an oxygen tank exploded. Astronaut Jim Lovell and his crews’ lives where only spared due to the incredible management skills of flight director Gene Kranz and his experienced team at …

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