About Us

Hi I’m Lexi, I founded 3D Projects Online to help people bring their ideas into reality and find their Ikigai, the Japenese concept of “reason for being/thing that you live for/passion”. My Ikigai is bringing ideas to fruition. I get a real buzz from seeing something I’ve worked on out there in the world.

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Previous projects I’ve worked on include:

Agricultural Crop Sprayer. The design utilises the space between the wheel arches to store chemical safety equipment as well as clean water (for rinsing). The engine access panel separates into 3 parts for easy maintenance. Grooves on the back hold the sprayer boom during transit.

Restoration of a historic building. During my summer placement at the Manx Government, I had the honour of contributing towards the restoration of the Tower of Refuge. A prominent local landmark designed by Royal National Lifeboat Institution founder Sir William Hillary in 1832. My brief was to develop flexible lighting solutions to withstand extreme local storms.

Development of laser for cutting diamonds This project was to modernise a CNC Laser Saw machine used to cut synthetic diamond in the production of cutting tools. The brief required the new machine to be more reliable and run longer jobs while utilising a quicker method of setting the stones.

To accomplish this, the software was re-written, and cassettes redesigned to accommodate more stones so that the machine could run through the night without an operator. At the same time, I created a new method for mounting the stones which reduced operator involvement and improved process capability (six sigma) along with improvements to the interlock system to maximise safety.

Development of a sterilisation technology using radiation. The machine has been through 5 developments including a complete redesign to focus on higher-value batch production instead of mass production. As the only member of the design team, I was heavily involved with the design of shielding, chassis, insulation, housing, vacuum system, cooling, system architecture, and all the mechanical components

I was also the winner of the 2012 Johnson New Holland Award for improving the efficiency of a water purification system that doesn’t require a power source.