Inventor Guide

Got a sweet new idea for a product, an amazing invention, or a beautiful new design? You’ve come to right place! We’ve put together this handy guide to help you out.

Have an Invention Idea, but no money?
Have an Invention Idea, but no money? We can help

The guide is the result over a decade of industrial and commercial product and engineering design experience, and tens of thousands of pounds in university fees, but don’t worry it’s on the house because anybody can have an idea but it takes a certain kind of individual to see it through to success.

The guide is split into 3 sections:

  1. Product Development – This section will help you refine, articulate, and fully develop your product while keeping costs to an absolute minimum.
  2. Protecting your Idea – This is a guide to the different ways you can protect your Intellectual property. We’ll show you how to file a NDA with corporate partners, conduct a patent search, and protect your designs.
  3. Sell Your Idea – Finally we’ll show you how to prepare your elevator pitch, and the various different types of leasing and licensing options at your disposal.