Manners and Management

Manners and Management

We’ve all had that prehistoric boss who likes to beat his chest, yell and scream, and slam his fist down on the desk. I can bet that that guy believes his way is the best way to get thinks done, but nowadays we like things done a little differently we like to be asked what to do, not told.

A recent article from the University of Warwick claims that happy employees are 12% more productive than their down trodden counterparts. It’s not just our team members that this applies to its our colleagues too, being courteous to our colleague’s can encourages people to be more open with their idea’s, and helps foster respect among the team, and were not talking arty-farty etiquette here, were talking  be realistic, calm under pressure and communicating properly. 

Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up from the people I work with, and trawling through the internet:

  1. Ask, don’t tell. This should really go without saying but it’s always better to be asked to do something and not told. I worked with a guy and if he was told that he needed to work early to get a machine back into production, he would flat out refuse out of principle because it was assumed he would.
  2.   Communicate clearly. Again it should be common sense but there’s nothing common about common sense. Most if not all workplace disagreements are caused by a miscommunication or lack of understanding. Clearly explain what is required of each person and by when it is required. Once people know leave them alone, most people flourish when given the freedom to get things done their way.

Alex Clucas

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